Why we need your Support?

When you picture x-rays, do you think of the black film that you can hold up to the light and see your bones?

Did you answer ‘YES’?

Well you wouldn’t be alone.

In 2016 West Wimmera Health Service moved forward from this traditional dark room processing to a newer system called computing radiography. Plates in individual cassettes are used with a laser to produce the image on a computer screen. The plate is then erased and reused many times over.

Just like our favourite DVDs which got scratched over time, placing it in and out of the DVD player, this also happens to our cassettes. Whilst we can put up with a few scratches in the DVD, scratched x-ray cassettes must be thrown out and replaced.

Fast-forward to 2021 and technology has greatly enhanced the way x-rays can be accessed and read. It’s a bit like when changed from fax machines to emails or, for the more experienced among us, the abacus to the calculator. You get the picture. Digital radiography is the most advanced system, where the plate under the patient doesn’t have to store the image, but sends it instantly to the computer through Wi-Fi.

Aside from being 20-30 times faster than the old system, the amount of radiation used to produce the image is significantly reduced, by around 50%. As a bonus, the image quality is also significantly enhanced picking up the most minor of fractures.

Our Radiology department sees over 2,200 x-ray patients of all ages, every year.

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West Wimmera Health Service provides health and community care services to our community.

We deliver services across a 22,000 square kilometre region which is home to nine rural townships. These include Nhill, Goroke, Jeparit, Kaniva, Rainbow, Natimuk, Minyip, Murtoa and Rupanyup.

In addition to acute, surgical, allied health and aged care residential services we provide health promotion, disability services, mental illness and community care services to ensure our communities can access a diverse range of healthcare to meet population demands.

Your generous donations support fundraising appeals for essential equipment, infrastructure and service delivery.