West Wimmera Health Service is seeking the support of the community to assist us in the purchase of a
‘Resusci Anne’ simulation mannequin.

The Resusci Anne mannequin provides realistic scenario based training in the areas of CPR, defibrillation, base-line vital signs recognition and basic to intermediate airway management procedures.

It will provide staff with a safe training environment that closely mimics real life scenarios. It will enhance their clinical skills, decision making and problem solving abilities – teaching them skills to provide quality, evidence-based
and emergency life-saving care.

The Resusci Anne mannequin is more advanced than traditional training mannequins. They enable the practice of a range of skills including cannulations and injections; monitoring real-time breathing, blood pressure and pulse rates; inserting breathing tubes; and compression depths.

The use of mannequins for simulation based training means that staff gain more hands-on experience in a safe environment that prepares them for real life scenarios and life-saving emergency situations. Overall, it’s about helping our staff become even more equipped to save your life, or the life of someone you know.

So, help us raise $26,000 to teach skills for life!